Porting 16 bit Forms to Win95

Porting 16 bit Forms to Win95

Post by Malaney Hi » Sat, 10 Aug 1996 04:00:00

To all interested,

Rather than upgrade to Oracle CDE Tools for Win95,
we would like to port aur existing Win 3.1 Forms,
Reports and Graphics to Windows 95 as is.  Has any
one ever done this before?  The binary runs fine,but
crashes when we actually try to connect to our HP box
where our database is actually stored.  we get a 12203
error which is related to our inability to connect
over TCP/IP.  We are trying to use the standard Win95
TCP/IP stack for this application.

My question is what dll should I be using for the NET API
library.  I imagine that I need a 32 bit version of the dll
so that Oralce can make tns calls to our database.

Thanks in advance for any light you may shed.

Malaney J. Hill
Systems Analyst, Lockheed martin Astrospace

phone:  (609)490-6639


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Thanks in advance.

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