Call for Enhancements

Call for Enhancements

Post by Ian A. MacGreg » Sun, 15 Mar 1992 04:25:22

======================= CALL FOR ENHANCEMENT REQUESTS ========================
Over the past few months I have been working with the manager of Oracle World-
wide Technical Support and the Vice-President of the International Oracle
Users Group (IOUG), Geoff Girvin, on revamping the enhancement process.  We
expect to present a paper, detailing the process, at this year's International
Oracle Users Week (IOUW) in San Francisco.  The present enhancement cycle is
being conducted using the current system.

This "call for enhancement requests" is for people with an interest in
Oracle products, but a lack of other means to communicate their ideas.
There is no need to duplicate requests made through Oracle Technical Support or
through component organizations of the IOUG.  You do not have to be a
member of
the IOUG  to submit a request;  however, you must be a member to
participate in the voting to rank the request.

The enhancement request must include the following information:
your name; the city, state, and country in which you are located, the operating
system and complete version number on which Oracle is installed ; the complete
version number of the RDBMS;  the Oracle component and its  complete version
number; the Oracle error message (if any); and a detailed description of the
enhancement.  In the narrative state your idea for the improvement as precisely
as possible and give examples.  The following information is optional:
your phone number, your company or organization, and the IOUG chapter to which
you belong.

Please do not post enhancement requests to this newsgroup.  They will not be
received if you do.  Do email them to

which is also where replies to this posting are directed.

               Ian MacGregor [Chairman IOUG Enhancements Committee]
               Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
               (415) 926-3528

I do not speak for  SLAC, Stanford University, the U.S. Department of Energy,
nor Oracle Corporation.


1. image enhancement and ORACLE 7.0

I have got a configuration that consists of a DG AViion RAID 5 box running
SVR4. This box has got ORACLE 7.0 that stores images (people faces) as BLOBS
, as well as textual data about people.  ORACLE FORMS 4.0 handles images.
does any one know of commercial software that one can incorporate into this
ORACLE application, so that image enhancement can be done.  This software would
have built-in utilities to enable a user (not a programmer) do enhancement.
(by enhancement, I guess I mean, making images sharper).  

If you know of such a software, (or for that matter, you know that there is
no such software) could you please send me an e-mail at the following address.

Any help in this regard is greately appreciated.


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