Pro*COBOL & Microfocus ANIMATOR

Pro*COBOL & Microfocus ANIMATOR

Post by John Thom » Tue, 14 Jul 1992 01:06:40

Yes, there are people who use COBOL! - Those who want to get a real-
world 3GL job done in the safest way!

Anyway, if you don't know what ANIMATOR is you probably can't help, but
just for those who scoff at COBOL it is a full screen, cursor-driven
source level de* which lets you query & modify the value of variables,
set break points, execute at a controlled speed & etc...

So it would be very nice to be able to use it with Pro*COBOL programs.
However, as soon as ANIMATOR hits an Oracle subroutine in the pre-compiled
program, it stops with an error message: 173 Subroutine not found in
current drive/directory. I'm working on AIX & have tried to extract the
required subroutines from the libraries and link them in the current directory
but without success.

Has anyone else come across this problem/solved it?

Thanks for any help.

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Pro*COBOL & Microfocus ANIMATOR

Post by Hans Plambe » Tue, 14 Jul 1992 08:00:45

These question come up again and again, I'll post now a summary.

You are (unfortuantely) not very specific, but I assume you try to use
   'anim' to debug your program - this won't work as this fellow
   does not know anything about your subroutines. You have to statically
   link your Oracle libraries (and some of your stuff) into an RCS,
   then execute this one with COBSW=+A.

You have to toy around to get the linker working, just providing Oracles
   code is not good enough, you have to reference it - otherwise it gets
   thrown away. Then you might hit probably the next problem, unresolved
   fsav symbol (for sure with OCI), the solution is to supply
   '-brename:fsav,.fsav' to the  last ld step (you might have to
   build a wrapper script for /bin/ld in order to do that).

Microfocus cobol is *ing hopeless to deal with, to create a static
  executable it:
  a) ld everyting into one executable, sometime with the -r swicth on,
  b) analyses the output to find object symbols (OH, not a cobol program!,
     but does not know a shit about symbols starting with a dot)
  c) builds a cross reference table of all symbols (assembler subroutine)
  d) ld everthing again together with this table

  Later at it execution it checks against that table, if it is there, it
  calls it, if not it is looking for gnts, ints,.... until 173 comes up.

Have fun....--


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