transition to 7.0.16

transition to 7.0.16

Post by Rajan » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 23:28:48


What are the new features( if at all) in 7.0.16 ??
How painful was the transition from 7.0.15 -> 7.0.16 ?



transition to 7.0.16

Post by Stephen Lapp » Thu, 21 Jul 1994 01:57:47

> Hi,

> What are the new features( if at all) in 7.0.16 ??
> How painful was the transition from 7.0.15 -> 7.0.16 ?

> Rajan

We had to upgrade from 7.0.15 to 7.0.16 to get several bugs fixed, mainly with

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transition to 7.0.16

Post by Oracle » Sat, 23 Jul 1994 10:30:12


i>What are the new features( if at all) in 7.0.16 ??
i>How painful was the transition from 7.0.15 -> 7.0.16 ?

I would add to the previous response (only one I've seen via THIS
interface; starting to think Delphi is looking better and better for
USENET stuff despite the lack of a GUI USENET interface, but that's
another story.) (Oh, and just because this is coming into the newsfeed via
AOL, please don't automatically classify me as a mindless dork. Read the
rest, and then you may classify me as a mindless dork, but objectively.
:)  )

The 7.0.15.--> 7.0.16 migration fixed a MAJOR, nightmarish bug in ..15
that made me crazy.
At least in the AT&T Global Information Systems (GIS) [formerly NCR] 3550
environment running NCR UNIX SVR4 rel 2.01, there was just a *sy
problem with import and export to tapes.

*sy as in fatal; it seems that if your export exceeded a certain size
or length, IMP would freak out and give you all sorts of errors including
the deadly --0008 ( 'I don't know what YOU think this is, but it ain't an
ORACLE export I'm looking at') IMP error. I had to do some arguing with
some of the WWS people, extending over a period of I'd say 4 hours (75% of
the time on the phone with them) to learn that the REAL bug has two parts.

First, if you're on 7.0.15x, you need to apply a patch I hadn't heard
about that fixes part of the problem. They also recommended to me to get
the VOLSIZE parameter out of my .par file (what a pain -- you need to set
up to fake someone pressing RETURN at an interactive session in a batch
job, unless you want to import a bazillion Gb database in a terminal
session... yes, there's ways to implement that kludge.) At least as far as
I know, you can't tell IMP or EXP in a .par file you're using <unlimited>
which interactive sessions assume if you press RETURN. sigh
A very helpful guy that helped me deal with the Bug From Hell - Part I
internetted me the patch that I hand built into imp.

Oh, fine. now new errors, including the aforementioned -008. After
seemingly ceaseless arguing over the phone, directed principally around
"your tape is bad. pick another one.' and my 'that would not really help
much, given it's too old!' and "oh, well, someone must have written to it
without your knowing it" .. & etc, fortunately my favorite night operator
called and said, Scott, you know, that tape thing you've been running,
boy, we are sure getting a lot of errors on the console. Along the lines
of the blocksize expected didn't match what was on the tape. Hmmm.

Based on the error messages, the expected and found and thrown away
numbers added up to exactly 65536, one of our magic numbers.  I modified
the import par file to add a RECORDLENGTH of 65536, and, guess what? It
worked just dandy, and we now had our system back.
Now I specify that in both imp and exp parfiles and we've not seen that
problem come back.

THIS error was fixed in .16.x. A NEW error was introduced in at least the
NCR 3000 series builds.

You get a really wierd system error when you try to create a snapshot
based on a view that's got UNION ALL in it, and perhaps some of the other
set operators.  There is no patch currently at least for us, but it is
fixed in 7.1.4.x. The workaround we use is just to build it as a real
table (create table AS blah blah blah).

Hope some or any of this helps. Write me if you want more details.

Database Administrator  
AT&T Tax Services Company, Financial Services Organization, AT&T