Directory of Oracle Professionals

Directory of Oracle Professionals

Post by Jeffrey D. Iverso » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

> >I'm going to create a directory of Oracle consultants and developers
> >and publish it on my web site. If you'd like to be included in the
> >directory, please send the following information with the subject
> >"Oracle Directory":

> >       Company Name:
> >       Contact Name:
> >       Address:
> >       Phone Number:
> >       Fax Number:
> >       E-mail Address:
> >       Specialization/Experience:

> >Thanks, and be advised that this is a voluntary effort on my part, no
> >charge is made for the listing or for the information on the web site.
> >No warranties, express or implied, yada yada yada...

> >Please pass this on to any other parties you think might be
> >interested.

> >Cheers!
> >J5rson!
> >--

> > Iverson Software Co.    |
> > Current Directories     |

> We've just made adding an entry even easier. Just go to
> and fill out the form.

Sometime after 4:30 AM, our virtual server stopped forwarding mail,
needless to say this has really hampered our efforts. So, if you filled
out the form at any time between 4:00 AM CST (+5 GMT) and 11:30 PM CST
(+5 GMT) on July 17, 1997, please come back and fill out the form again.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we want to put a great directory

Jeff Iverson


1. Forms 4.5 Current Directory/Directory of the current task required.


     How do you obtain a string containing

1. The Current Directory.
2. The Directory containing the executable of the current task.

     as part of a PL-SQL procedure used with the form.

     I am currently using MS Windows 3.11 and Forms
     Developer/2000 1.2.

     can u help me on this??

                  many thanks,



BT Belfast Engineering Centre,             Tel:     (UK)   (01232) 215654
Floor 2,                                   Fax:     (UK)   (01232) 215523
Royston House,                                     (Intl)+44 1232
34 Upper Queen Street,                     x400:    S=RSMYTH   OU=BFSEC
BELFAST BT1 6FD,                                    O=BT Axion P=UK.CO.BT
N. Ireland.                                         A=GOLD 400 C=GB

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