Reportwriter 2.0 Error REP-1247 Report contains Uncompiled SQL

Reportwriter 2.0 Error REP-1247 Report contains Uncompiled SQL

Post by Ani Kortik » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 04:13:33

The Action clause says : Compile PL/SQL. When I run "Compile" from the menu
after connecting, it says "Compile Successfull - No Errors "

but when I try to run the ".rdf" file it again gives the same message.

I guess this is because I did not compile some procedures attached to frames etc.

but isn't there a compile "Everything" option ?

I fecthed the old copy of report. added each procedure again, and compiled it immediately,
then I again selected "compile" option and "save" to save the file.

this time there are no errors!

am I missing something. How can I add all procedures, and then compile in 1 shot.

this is on MAC version of reportwriter 2.0.. something



1. Oracle Reports 2.0 Error : REP-1053


I am working with Report 2.0 on Oracle server with HP/UX-9.

I generated a simple report with default tabular layout and wanted to save
this report to the database. When i tried to do so, i encountered the
following error ;
        REP-1053 - Unable to obtain new module ID from database
        ORA-02289 - sequence does not exist.

I had created the required system tables by running toolbild.sql,
vgs.sql and srw2bild.sql. Also, i had granted privileges on these system
objects by running srw2grnt.sql. Have i missed out on anything?

any help will be appreciated. Please reply to this posting as i do not have
an e-mail id.

Bhooshan S. Prabhu
Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd.

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