Copy books in Pro*Cobol

Copy books in Pro*Cobol

Post by Chad A Brockm » Fri, 28 Jan 1994 07:53:10

Is it posible to include a data copy book wihtin the declare section??


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1. Copying Pro*C/Pro*Cobol instead of installing..?

I have a production and a development machine (both DEC 5500
running Risc Ultrix and Oracle 6.0.34) and I have Pro*C and
Pro*Cobol installed on one but not the other.

We have a licence to have the precompilers on both machines, and
now we need them on both. I was hoping to be able to just copy
/usr/local/oracle/c and /usr/local/oracle/cobol from one machine
to another. Is this a waste of time? Am I going to miss out on
lots of other things I need?

I know about the /usr/local/oracle/bin/pcc and /usr/local/oracle/
rdbms/lib/libpro.a files. Are there others?

Also, will I miss out on essential relinking procedures or changes
to the database or somesuch by "installing" via copying?

I'm also hoping to move the Microfocus Cobol product across in the
same way.


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