MicroFocus Cobol on Sun Solaris 2.4

MicroFocus Cobol on Sun Solaris 2.4

Post by Stephen G. Colem » Fri, 09 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone had any luck/experience with using MicroFocus Cobol on
Sun Solaris 2.4 talking to a v7 Oracle database?

We're trying to statically link an application on Solaris 2.4 with
Oracle 7.1.4 and Microfocus Cobol 3.2.  The precompile and the
compile work ok.  But the static link fails when it cannot find a
library and I am not sure why it needs that library.

We're using a slightly modified version of the make file that Oracle

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We've been at this for over a
month now, trying to get it to work.

Here is a sample on the link

(108)wkswepi:/export/wkswepi2/pdsh/maddox==> make pgpcstat

ld -dn -o pgpcstat datecalc.o  numconv.o  numedit.o  pgdaymon.o  
pgerrmsg.o  qpbpsi01.o  qpbpss02.o  qpbpsu01.o  qpciri01.o  qpcirs01.o  
qpciru01.o  qpcivi01.o  qpcivs01.o  qpcivu01.o  qpcmvd01.o  qpcmvi01.o  
qpcmvs01.o  qpcmvu01.o  qpcommit.o  qpconnet.o  qpcpmi01.o  qpcpms01.o  
qpcpmu01.o  qpcpti01.o  qpcpts01.o  qpcptu01.o  qpcscd01.o  qpcscf01.o  
qpcsci01.o  qpcwli01.o  qpcwls01.o  qpcwlu01.o  qpdual01.o  qpipti01.o  
qpipts01.o  qpiptu01.o  qpmvhi01.o  qpptsi01.o  qppwmi01.o  qppwms02.o  
qppwmu01.o  qprollbk.o  qpweai01.o  qpweas01.o  qpweau01.o  qpweci01.o  
qpwzmf01.o  qpwzmf02.o  qpwzms01.o  qpwzms02.o  qpwzmu01.o  pgsqlerr.o  
pgwznbrs.o  pgloadbh.o  pgloadcg.o  pgloaddt.o  pgloadgd.o  pgloadij.o  
pgloadot.o  pgloadrg.o  pgloadwg.o  pgpcload.o \
-L/home/wkswepi/or02sup/V7.1.4/lib -lsql
/home/wkswepi/or02sup/V7.1.4/lib/osntab.o -lsqlnet -lora  -lsqlnet  
-lora -lnlsrtl -lcv6 -lcore -lnlsrtl -lcv6 -lcore  -lm
ld: fatal: library -lresolv: not found
ld: fatal: File processing errors.  No output written to pgpcstat
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `pgpcstat'

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