TCP/IP for MSDOS in Oracle 6.0

TCP/IP for MSDOS in Oracle 6.0

Post by Byron Ch » Sat, 11 Jul 1992 08:48:41

I am trying to get TCP/IP SQL*Net to work with PC Oracle 6.0.

I have installed the Oracle software already.  I do not have
an EXcelan, Interlan, FTP, or UngermanBass network.  I have
two 3com cards in my system (3c501 and 3c503).  I have packet-
drivers for both cards and can connect to my Vax Ultrix host
via telnet and ftp.  My question is, how, if possible, can I
get SQLTCP to talk to my 3com card?  What software am I
missing (or hardware for that matter)?  

The telnet and ftp software is from Clarkson University.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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1. Which MsWindows TCP/IP is better for Oracle SQL*NET for TCP/IP

        I wonder if anybody has experience with or already done evaluation of
MsWindows TCP/IP stacks (e.g. Trumpet, Metmanage, ... .. products) for
Oracle SQL*NET for TCP/IP.  Which one do you think is better and works
smoothly or at least you are satisfied with?

        Any comments, hints, feedbacks will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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