SOLUTION: HELP! Oracle are eating my bytes!

SOLUTION: HELP! Oracle are eating my bytes!

Post by edb_gun.. » Sat, 16 Oct 1993 22:12:44

Thanks to everybody that as given my hints to solve my problem with that
Oracle filled up my tablespace. The solution was that the installation
scripts from Oracle put the indexes in the same tablespace as the users
default tablespace and not in a tablespace allocated for indexes. In the
tablespace I had 300k as extents with minimum 3 extents. That mens that
every index took 0.9 MB.

The way I got aware of the index problem was because

                Sanjeev Kumar Agrawal

gave me the following script (with some modifications):
clear computes
clear breaks
set pagesize 66
break on report
compute sum of a  on report
column a format 999.99 heading "Size in MB"
spool tab_db_size
select substr(segment_name,1,15) Object, substr(segment_type,1,5) Type,bytes,
blocks,extents, round((blocks/512),2) a
from sys.dba_segments
where tablespace_name='USER_SYSTEM'
order by blocks
spool off
clear computes
clear breaks

Thanks to everybody who has helped me out on this (Oracle Support could
not help me......



1. HELP! Oracle are eating my bytes!

I have the following problem with Oracle7: Oracle reports the tablespace
where SYSTEM resides to be nearly full. So I can not create any more
tables etc. But I have justed added a 40 MB datafile to the tablespace
because it behaved the same way before. Before the tablespace was 20 MB.
I have look at the tables and nearly all of them are empty. So my
question is where has the space gone? Is there a way to see how much a
table is using of bytes in a tablespace?

I can not figure this out, and hope for  "a little help of my friends".



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