Help: Oracle Workflow Mailer

Help: Oracle Workflow Mailer

Post by Shahe » Wed, 27 Nov 2002 17:53:56

I execute the command

wfmlr -f wfmail.cfg

to start workflow notification mailer the following error message

I've Insalled Outlook 2002 on the Oracle Workflow Server machine
(windows 2000 Server with SP2)

  - 2009: Fatal error, mailer is exiting.
  - 2102: Could not connect to mail service using account
  - 2202: Could not establish mail service connection.
  - 2201: Mail service connection refused.  Error code 8.
"Mailer has exited"

Has anyone experienced the same error?
Pls revert back to this query soon



1. Help: Oracle Workflow Mailer

Hello Shaheer !

   now i encount the same trouble as you have ,  i wonder whether you
   have resolve it ,i think must have done it . if you could help me
   to resolve the problem i will be very   appreciated .  my address

   pool,as you see!

best regards!!!!!!

                                                    your Chinese friend
                                                    :jianbo wang

i 'm  xiaobai

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