Parallel server perfo

Parallel server perfo

Post by Jared P. Heck » Thu, 04 May 1995 04:00:00

Meanwhile, in a space-time continuum unknown to Earth,

That is interesting, Kevin, since a recent benchmark I did for a
client could not sustain more than 180 tps on an SP-2 tuned to both
Oracle's and IBM's liking at one of their testing centers.  Your
comment suggests the transactions were small and the data sets they
were hitting disjoint, i.e., the test was rigged to avoid pinging.  Was
this the case?


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1. Parallel Query vs. Parallel Server


A site with 5 - 30 users runs a ad-hoc query tool against a 1G Oracle
7.2 RDBMS running on an HP server.  Occasionally, the queries take "a
lot" of time to complete.  When this happens, the users notice that
many ( 5+) users are simultaneously running long queries.  I've done
some preliminary research into running the Oracle server using the
Parallel Query and the Parallel Server options.

My questions:
1)  It seems to me, based on the Oracle manuals, that Parallel Query
would work well at this site, but the views for the ad-hoc query tool
would need to be modified.  Would PQ be a viable option?

2)  The Parallel Server option seems attractive, but how does one
distribute the users between the multiple instances?

3)  Are there other ramifications that I am missing?
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