HELP on REP-3300 VGS errors with Reports 2.0.13 (repost)

HELP on REP-3300 VGS errors with Reports 2.0.13 (repost)

Post by Qun » Fri, 08 Jul 1994 03:21:16


I need help on Reports2.0. I'm running Oracle Reports with Oracle on Solaris 2.3.

The Forms4.0 works fine and the Reports seems running fine with demos (I use
r20desm). But I can't save my work to a file even with save or save as from
a demo file. The messages were:

          REP-3300: Fatal error in the Virtual Graphic Ssystem (VGS)
          VGS-1704: Object store error
   Next was:
          REP-1051: Unable to save module to file ".
          REP-1070: Object store failure

Oh, I am running Sun 4 xinit. My LD_LIBRARY_PATH=

Does someone know about this or can help me get out of this?
get out of this?

Thanks in advance,

Qun Li, Oracle DBA  


1. REP-3300: Fatalerror in ToolkitII (UI)?

Hello there,

We are using Oracle Report in Develop/2000 on Solaris 2.4. For every report
we designed, we can run it as DESTYPE=screen, but if we want to run it as
DESTYPE=preview, we got this error:
        REP-3300: Fatal error in ToolkitII (UI)
        UI-9: This function call is out of context.

What does this mean? Is something wrong with the installation? What should
we check?

We tried to call Oracle customer support, but couldn't get through. Hope
someone out there can help us.

Thanks in advance!


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