Oracle 7 and Powerbuilder Dos Memory Grab Help!

Oracle 7 and Powerbuilder Dos Memory Grab Help!

Post by Richard Potosna » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 22:42:03

My powerbuilder 3.0 to Oracle 7 connection is trying to
grab all the Dos free memory it can.  Does anyone know how to limit
or eliminate this memory grab?  I get an "Insufficient Memory"
message upon trying to user other windows apps after connecting.

Thanks for any help!

- Rich


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Hi Net Gurus,
        I'm having trouble connecting my PowerBuilder
software to the Oracle Server(SUN). I'm using SQL*Net for
DOS, but the Release Notes that came with it refer to
a file NETINIT.EXE which must be loaded when starting up
windows (i.e. in WIN.INI), and which should reside in
        I can't find this file on the SQL*Net Software,
and though there is a file NET.EXE that comes with PC_NFS,
(and which takes a command NET INIT), I don't think that
is the one being referred to in the notes. NETINIT.EXE
allocates memory for running SQL*Net.
        Any help will be greatly appreciated --

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