cannot connect to local ORACLE from PB4

cannot connect to local ORACLE from PB4

Post by Gregory S. Lipma » Sun, 23 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi there
I run Oracle workgroup server on my NT3.51
When i try to connect from PB4 i follow all instuctions in PB
HELP. I feel DBMS - OR7, Userid and Password. i leave server
name empty just like they say.
It prompts me for connect string anyways. OK, I fill it with
p:boston:ORCL (all variations on it).
Every time it returns with error :
ORA-09301:osncon:local kernel only supported in standard mode
What is going on ???
Thanks, gregory


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        If anyone had used PO7 for win95 database in conjunction with PB4,
Dev/2000, please mail me.


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