Oracle Developers & DBAs wanted for Charlotte, NC & Memphis, TN

Oracle Developers & DBAs wanted for Charlotte, NC & Memphis, TN

Post by Chet Wes » Thu, 11 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Tactics, Inc needs experienced (min. 2yrs) professional Oracle
developers, designers and DBAs willing to move to the C*te, NC or
Memphis, TN.  Tactics is a full service Oracle consulting company (BAP)
with great benefits.  If you want to be the best then you should work
for the best.  See our web page for more information (WWW.TACTICSUS.COM)
or fax a resume and cover letter to me (Chet West) at 704.544.8863.

TACTICS, INC - 'Charting the course to success!'


1. Forms Developers & DBAs wanted

TUSC is currently looking for Oracle developers and DBAs to supplement its
Chicago, Detroit, and Denver offices.  If you have 4+ years of experience in
the computer industry, and 2+ years of experience with Oracle tools and
databases we would like to talk to you.

We offer paid overtime, paid vacation, quarterly performance bonuses, training
on the latest software tools, and an excellent pool of specialist resources to
draw from.  

If you wish to make a career move, move to one of the leaders in Oracle
consulting.  You will experience significant career growth with us.  

Kaufman at 708-960-2909.

TUSC is an equal opportunity employer, and not a contracting agency.

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