Forms 3 Screen Print

Forms 3 Screen Print

Post by Robert A Pete » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 04:48:10

Hi Netters,

I have a user of Forms V3 on UNIX.  

Is there a way to do a screen print from Forms V3 and
have it go to the printer automatically?  I know that
a file will be produced, but I would like it to be  
routed to the printer (lpr).  There are some Oracle  
variables that can be set.  Will one of these do?

Rob Peters


1. How to print report to screen from form in VAX?

    I'm trying to print report to screen in ORACLE FORM. I used three
host call in a triger in form to generate and print the form like:

         host('rpt report.rpt rreport username/password');
         host('rpf rreport rreport.prn');
         host('type rreport.prn');

     This doesn't work. The first two host calls was done correctly.
But the third doesn't show anything. The program then do the first two
host calls again and again.

     Does anybody know what's wrong? Or is there other way to do it?
The system is VAX/VMS.

     Thank you in advance for the help.

Jun Xu

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