Should I start a FORM 4.5 FAQ (undocument form 4.5) ???

Should I start a FORM 4.5 FAQ (undocument form 4.5) ???

Post by Tong Siew P » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have been using Oracle Form 4.5 (developer 2000) for some time, and
the more I used it, the more useless I feeled I am.

There are so many things U can't do, and what printed on the menu is
so different from real life.

I hope to start a FAQ for FORM 4.5 for things U can't find (easily) in
the menu.

For example:
1. How to format mask a display item ?
(I still do not know !!)

2. YOU need to use go_item after hide_window to hide the window.


IF U are supportive, please send it questions and solution so that
others could benefits.  Of cource, U could always send in only
questions and let's Oracle answer them.

IF there is already one, please tell me where I could get one FAQ.
And I would like to post questions too.

I am new to Oracle and News group, so forgive me if this mail seems
naive .


1. Incompatibility about upgrade forms 4.5 (CDE2) to forms 4.5 (Developer 2000)


I try to upgrade my module from forms 4.5 (CDE2) to forms 4.5
(Developer/2000). They're a lots of problem.

In my old version my background color of canvas would be gray30. In
developer/2000 gray30 doesn't exist. Only gray32. Why ??? It's very unpleasant
to scan my module and change all background color.

Another problem ... Some triggers disappear when I generate module with
developer/2000. Ex: when-validate-item are there after the generate but
codes missing.

Why it's not possible to copy the relation between two modules ???

Thanks for your help.
Nicolas Rancourt

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