Wierd "Date" Behaviour with "ALTER SESSION"

Wierd "Date" Behaviour with "ALTER SESSION"

Post by Murthy Jarugumill » Tue, 09 Jul 1996 04:00:00


We are using Oracle 7.1.4 on HP-UX 9.
I have recently observed this wierd behaviour with "alter session" :

The database default nls date format (set in initDBNAME.ora) is
"MM/DD/YYYY:HH24:MI:SS". But one can change the default date format
for a session by issuing the command

Alter session set nls_date_format = <desired date format>

As far my knowledge goes, this command is supposed to change the
date format only for the current session and it is not supposed to
affect any other session currently active in the database. But,
I was proved wrong:

I had two sqlplus sessions in two windows connected to the database
with two different users. Then I issued the above alter session
command in one of the sessions and selected a date field from one
of the tables in both sessions. Both sessions show me the date
field in the format that was set in the alter session command in
one session. The worst part is that, when I try the same query
the second time, the second session (in which date format is still
the default) goes back to the default date format.

Some of you may have seen this. Any thoughts will be helpful.


Murthy Jarugumilli


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