Computer Books, Inc Oracle Books - up to 80% off

Computer Books, Inc Oracle Books - up to 80% off

Post by Price Cut Books Ltd » Thu, 10 Jun 2004 02:29:25

We are up and coming UK based Computer Book Specialist - Suppliers of
cheap and discounted books

We have a good range of Oracle Books, If you are based in the UK then
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Price Cut Books



 TID: FastEcho 1.45 7745
ATTENTION: everyone who has made look-up requests in the NJ books
and have not received a reply yet:

I'm sorry to have to do this, but I have to put all look-up requests
on hold until after May 1st. My daughter is graduating from the Univ.
of NW Fla. in a little over a week, and I'm about to be invaded with
out of town relatives who are coming to attend this long awaited event,
so I will be so busy preparing for this that I just can't squeeze in any
research or look-ups until it's all over with! I really hate to put
everyone's request on hold, but this is a hugh event in our family since
my daughter, Lori, is the only one of her 3 siblings and 4 step-siblings
to complete college and obtain her degree (in Computer Engineering!),
so we are all enormously proud of her for sticking it out under very
trying and difficult circumstances (which is a whole "nother" story!),
and it's been over 9 years in the making, so the family plans to make
this a very memorable occassion for her.

Enough said on the why - if everyone who has made a look-up request in
the NJ books will be patient with me, I PROMISE, I will get to it just
as soon as possible after the 1st of May. I've kept a file on all
requests which I have received, so there's no need to repeat it, unless
you haven't heard from me by the middle of May, then you'll know that
your post to me must have gone to the Great Black Hole in cyberspace,
and a repeat would be in order!

Thanks to all of you for your patience - I will be "talking" to you
again in a couple of weeks.


 * OLX 2.1 TD * When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.
--- Silver Xpress Mail System 5.3H1e
 * Origin: Computer Country * P.C. FL. * 16.8K * (904) 769-9431 (1:3608/5)

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