Oracle book on DU4.0, Oracle Server 7.3.2

Oracle book on DU4.0, Oracle Server 7.3.2

Post by Wuxu Pe » Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have finally installed Oracle Server 7.3.2 on an Digital server
Alpha 2100 5/250, running Digital UNIX 4.0.  It seems working fine.
I can create users, create databases, tablespaces, and tables.

However, I cannot get Oracle book to work.  At the beginning
both 'oradoc' and 'oradocm' didn't work.  I found that the installation
didn't copy files like 'orainst/ob/obcvt100.res' from the CD.
After I manually copied them,  'oradoc' can display the top level
page of Oracle book.  But that's it.  It complains not being
able to find any documents for every subject.

For 'oradocm', it simply does not work. The error message is:

  Startup of Oracle Book failed.
  Check your Oracle_HOME setting.




1. HELP: error in oradocm on DU4.0

Hello oracle unix gurus,

Re: Problem running oradocm or oradoc on DU4.0

Using orainst, I just installed oracle (meant for DU 3.2, 32.c,
3.2d-1, 3.2e) on an AXP box running DU4.0 using the recommended OFA
convention for naming files and directories.

 ORACLE_BASE = /opt/app/oracle
 ORACLE_HOME = /opt/app/oracle/product/7.3.2

After installing the Documentation Viewer and then the online documentation
from the Product Documentation cd, I ran -d /opt/app/oracle/doc
-m decalphaaxposf.  Please note that, according to the IG, page 5-5, it says
to use $ORACLE_HOME/doc for the oracle_doc_dir.  However, when I used
it, it came back with an error message:

 /opt/app/oracle/product/7.3.2/doc is not a valid ORACLE_DOC directory

The prefs.ora is then copied to the $ORACLE_HOME/tools/admin directory.
When I ran oradocm, I get error messages:

 Startup of Oracle Book failed.
 Check your ORACLE_HOME setting.

Also when I ran oradoc, I got error messages:

Supported Terminals are :

 TERM=vt220  ORACLE_TERM=vt220
 Can't find resource file
 /opt/app/oracle/product/7.3.2/orainst/./ob/obc{TERM}.res or
 Please set your TERM variable to one of the supported terminals.
 Exiting orainst procedure.

Coping obcvt220.res from v7.1.4 on another machine came up with the error:

 Connection to Window System or Terminal type failed.

BTW, my earlier installation of v7.1.4 on DU3.2, without following the OFA
convention, works for oradocm and oradoc.

Have you come across the same problem?  Do you have some suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

How-Hie Ling,

Queensland Uni. of Technology,
Brisbane,  Australia.

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