Oracle7 "fieldtypes", "random selection" and more

Oracle7 "fieldtypes", "random selection" and more

Post by Robert Peperka » Tue, 18 Jan 1994 23:30:12

To whoever may know,

I have a couple of questions about Oracle v7 and I hope that some of you will
take the time to answer them. Please do and THANX when you do!

- Does Oracle7 support fieldtypes for "free tekst  of undefined length", like
a (WP-)document?

- Same question for "pictures" (bitmaps, tiffs, gifs or whatever)?

- Is it possible to randomly select a number of records from a sub-set of
records? Suppose I had a DB with 1000 employees (with fields like: gender,
age, name)  and I  wanted to randomly select 10 males older than 25 (and
there were 400 males older than 25).  

- Is it possible to change the "structure" of a DB-table containing data,
like inserting new fields or making a field longer?


ing. Robert Peperkamp
University of Limburg
Medical Faculty
Department of Educational development & Educational research
The Netherlands



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Malgorzata Roos, University of Zurich

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