OS Authentication questions

OS Authentication questions

Post by H?vard Olse » Wed, 25 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi folks, need som help with OS Authentication on NT (using

OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX is not set to anything, which mean OPS$ should
be in effect, right?

I've created the account using:
"Create user OPS$<name> identified externally ..."
"Grant Connect to OPS$<name>"

I've tried to log in with the account name (being signed on as
<name> in NT of course) from variuous tools and utility, to no

Also, some general questions:

What exactly is required to make OS authentication work when:

1. One has an existing user community which is authenticated by
Oracle today.

2. Starting from scratch, but a large user community means that
the job of defining user accounts is a pain. I.e. is it somehow
possible to "Merge" all or some users in the current domain into
Oracle according to a given profile?



1. ORACLE7 OS Authentication

Dear DBAs,

I am trying to create users OPS$USER specifying the EXTERNALLY option but
I failed
to connect OPS$USER/OS_Password or connect USER/OS_Password.
It did not work whether I tried to connect within SQL*Plus or thru
SQL*Net. Oracle
always gave the login/password incorrect error.  We have Oracle7 on VMS 5.


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