SQL*Net - TCP/IP configs & Windows ?

SQL*Net - TCP/IP configs & Windows ?

Post by Matthew J. D'Erri » Sun, 26 Jul 1992 11:13:13

I'm running a LanManager 2.0 LAN with 3Com TCP 2.0...  When I
flipped through the SQL*Net manual this afternoon, it didn't
include any reference of 3Com TCP...  Nor did it tell me whether
it will run with MS Windows...

Does anyone know if ORACLE SQL*Net will indeed run with this type
of LAN configuration ?  I'd like to know before I completely unpack
and install everything...  I just recently had a bad experience
with another Database Net product.

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1. SQL*Net TCP/IP for Windows: Which TCP/IP stack would you recommend


We are thinking of installing SQL*Net for Windows to allow us to run
client/server stuff against our Oracle7 database running on a SUN
SPARCserver 1000 running Solaris 2.2.  Since our networked PCs are
netware based and are running over ODI drivers, we would obviously
prefer a TCP/IP stack that can run over ODI.  I'm rather partial to
Novell's LAN Workplace/Workgroup, but I'm open to suggestions (However
I would want to avoid anything that runs over NDIS or needs a NDIS
shim). Does Netmanage Chameleon TCP run over ODI?

I have never seen SQL*Net working so I'm very blur about this (except
that we DO need this), so: I hear V2 is out but I also hear it's also
a bit on the buggy side.  Should we go for V2 or stick to V1.1?  What
are the pros and cons?  Sorry about the stupid questions, but I have
to ask.


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