Is Spreadsheet reporting possible?

Is Spreadsheet reporting possible?

Post by Ron L » Wed, 05 Oct 1994 04:42:03


I am designing an inventory system for my section.  This inventory
will maintain information about our workstations and the like.  I have
one main table to keep the information about each host.  Then I use
one table to keep track of commercial software packages on each host.  
Similiarly, I use another table to keep track of hardware configurations
and another table to keep track of point_of_contacts.  This was done
to accommodate for varying number of items in each category (i.e. table).
Is the right way of doing things?

What I want (my boss wants me ;^) to do is create a report similiar to
a spreadsheet.  Using some real and fictional data, this is an example
of what I basically need:

Host      Building   Room  Software      Hardware          POC's
                           Title         Item
grizzly    97        166A  WordPerfect   Monitor-mono      Ed
                           AutoCad       Disk1-100M        Marion
                           WingZ         Disk2-200M

iguana     97         160  Oracle7       Monitor-Color     Dave
                                         Disk1-200M        Ed

I am using ORACLE7  with SQL*Plus (3.1),  PL/SQL (2.0), and SQL*Forms
(3.0).  Do I have the right products to pull this off?  Did I design
this inventory system correctly?  Or did I do a major goof on the concepts
of database theory?


If I can't, is there any way I can query the data into comma/semi-colon
delimited form?  This way I can program my way thru this in C or Perl or
pump it into a spreadsheet:

grizzly;97;166A;WordPerfect,Autocad,WingZ,SunProC,Ada;Monitor-mono, etc.


My background:
I've had some short courses on Database Concepts and SQL, read "Database
Systems Concepts" by Korth and Silberschantz.  I've looked in
Mastering Oracle7 and Client/Server Computing, Oracle7 manuals and the
FAQ.   Thus, you can say I'm new to this world of RDBMS.

Thanks very, very much for any info,
   Ron Lee of CCS Operational Networks  | Naval Research Lab (Code 5592)

   Phone:  202-767-3903                 | Washington DC 20375

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