HELP: Shared memory and Oracle

HELP: Shared memory and Oracle

Post by Matthew C. Sarge » Thu, 04 Nov 1993 12:23:14

: I'm having a confusing time with Oracle 7.0.12 running on Solaris 2.2.

: My application uses Oracle Pro*C routines that I have written and fully
: tested.  It also uses shared memory routines that I have written and fully
: tested.  That is, as individual components, both my Pro*C routines and my
: shared memory routines work fine.

: But now I need to link them within a single program and use them as I
: intended.

: The problem: when I compile, link, and run my program with the shared
: memory calls, my Oracle FETCH routine core dumps with an ORA-01003 error.
: If I comment out the shared memory calls and compile/link/run again, it
: works fine (as far as FETCHing the proper info from the database).

: I've looked in all the installation and administration guides I can find,
: but nowhere does it give adequate insight as to what I should do (as far as
: I can tell).  If you can help me, it is MUCH appreciated.

: It's driving me crazy...

: -- Bob Burgess


From my use of the OCI routines in Ada (a thin binding to the
C language versions) I have found that the OCI's rely heavily
on all sorts of pointers to memory. The Cursor data structure
alone uses pointers to tons of stuff. My guess is that
your shared memory and the memopry that the OCI is using
are in conflict. I would try stepping into the oci calls that setup
before your fetch. Parse, etc.

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