Pro*C++ and sqlglm

Pro*C++ and sqlglm

Post by Almut Herzo » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I'd be glad to receive a sample code from someone who uses the
sqlglm-function in a Pro*C++ program & and a description of the changes
necessary in the Pro*C header files.

I can compile the sample1.pc file with a C-compiler and it works fine.
My C++-compiler though complains about things in <sqlcpr.h> and (after
changes in the header file) the linker does not find the matching
library code (undefined symbol). Must I change compiler options?

I complained to support about this some time ago but did not receive
anything helpful. I have now been working with the sqlca.sqlerrm
structure but sometimes 70 characters for the error message are simply
not enough.

Please reply by e-mail, too (due to shaky communication with our news
Almut Herzog

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1. Pro*C problem with sqlglm()

We are having a problem with  Pro*C programs running on a client and
accessing a remote Oracle7 server. sqlglm() is never able to return the
error message. It always outputs messages of the folowing kind:

ORA-12571: Unable to open message file (SQL-02113).

The client has only the following products installed Pro*C 2.0, SQL*Net V2,
SQL*Plus. All the mesg directories and message files seem to be there.
oerr ORA 12571 works fine and the relevant message file tnsus.msg is
What's going on here?


David-Michael Lincke    Institute for Information Management at USG


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