Which Cobol's work with Pro-Cobol?

Which Cobol's work with Pro-Cobol?

Post by al.. » Tue, 10 Nov 1992 20:04:08

Can some one tell me which UNIX Cobol Compilers will work with Oracle's

And which MS-DOS Cobol Compilers will work with Pro-Cobol?


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1. Pro*COBOL and RM/COBOL-85

Does anybody in this group have any experience in building the RM/COBOL-85 runtime module (runcobol)
to run codes generated by Oracle Pro*COBOL and compiled by the RM/COBOL-85 compiler ? I need some
advice on how it's done. I have problem finding out how to link the Oracle libraries with runcobol.
I am running both Oracle and RM/COBOL-85 on Solaris 2.3.

Best regards

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