"Stored Procedures"- versus "SQL*Forms-only"

"Stored Procedures"- versus "SQL*Forms-only"

Post by Martin Ber » Sat, 01 Jan 1994 04:25:07

I'm currently reading Oracle manuals in preparation of the implementation of
a database and related applications. I've no practical experiances with
Oracle yet.

"Stored Procedures"- versus "SQL*Forms-only"-implementation seems to be an
important design decision. I feel that there are many advantages in having
procedures as e.g.


stored *in* the database. These procedures could encapsulate complex
operations and validity checks on several dependant tables. I also could use
these procedures for "first-time-load" of the database, thus having the
checks made on each record loaded (and distributed onto the appropriate

SQL*Forms was made before stored procures were available, so the above
(without the loading) could be implemented with SQL*Forms only.

Now the question: How much functionality should be implemented in stored
procedures, and how much should be left in SQL*Forms? Immediate validation
of an entered field value is probably better in SQL*Forms than evaluating an
entire form by e.g. one of the mentioned procedures.

I even feel, to be on the secure side, some sort of "double" validation has
to be done, in SQL*Forms *and* in a stored procedures...

Has anyone else also thought about these problems, and what are possible
solutions? What are your (practical) experiances?

Thanks for any comments.

   Martin Berli


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