Foreign characters -- HELP !!

Foreign characters -- HELP !!

Post by Frank Sweene » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I have a big problem, I already have a database setup (it is very large over 3
GBytes). I now want to create a new table a new table and import a large amount
of data, great so far the problem is that my database is set up (I imagine) as
the default USASCII7 character set and the files I have are in ASCII but they
contain German and french word with Umlauts and graves (double dots over the
letters etc.). when I load these using sqlload they go in ok but the database
represents all foreign characters as ?(question marks)

I would appreciate if someone could help me with this as soon as possible as I
need to get this file loaded.



P.S I would really appreciate it if you could mail me at my address as well.


1. Help needed in using PRIM-FOREIGN table constraints

ORACLE configuration :  ORACLE version 6.0.30 on SUN sparc station(IPC)
                        SQLPLUS version 3.0

Problem :

Using PRIMARY KEY - FOREIGN KEY REFERENCE statements as table constraints.

Example :

Let's assume I have the following tables :

create table dept
  dept_no       number(4) NOT NULL,
  dept_desc     char(20),
  PRIMARY KEY   (dept_no)

create table emp
  emp_no        number(4)  NOT NULL,
  ename         char(30),
  dept_no       number(4)  NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY   (emp_no),
  FOREIGN KEY   (dept_no) REFERENCES dept(dept_no)

As can be seen from the above tables, the following conditions should hold
good :

1. An emp row cannot have a dept_no that does not exist in table dept.

2. A dept row cannot be deleted if an emp row  exists having that dept_no.

But I am able to add an emp row with a dept_no which does not exist in any
row in the table dept. Also, I am able to delete a row from the table dept
whose dept_no is used by a row in the emp table.

Can anyone help please ?

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