Directory of Software (& Oracle) Products

Directory of Software (& Oracle) Products

Post by George H. Heilbor » Fri, 04 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Software Age ( is a new Web-based information
source for software users and the software industry.  It allows
corporate, education, small business, and home computer users to find
information on software products and companies.

It has an easily searchable database of over 1,900 software products
(including recent Oracle updates), information on 600 software
developers, a calendar of software-related conferences and expositions,
and a list of trade associations and user groups.  

Software users can type in a short description of the type of software
product they are interested in, and receive a list of products meeting
those criteria.  Each product on the resulting list has a hyperlink to
the product page within the developer's site which gives detailed
information on that product.  In addition, the listing has a hyperlink
to another page giving contact information for the developer.  Where
available, sales and technical support phone numbers and e-mail
addresses are supplied.

Access to the Web site and use of the databases at Software Age are free
to users.  Listings of companies, products, and events are free to
software publishers and developers.

Software publishers and developers can list their products via the
electronic entry form on the Software Age Web site.

If you find Software Age useful, BOOKMARK the site for future reference.  


1. Forms 4.5 Current Directory/Directory of the current task required.


     How do you obtain a string containing

1. The Current Directory.
2. The Directory containing the executable of the current task.

     as part of a PL-SQL procedure used with the form.

     I am currently using MS Windows 3.11 and Forms
     Developer/2000 1.2.

     can u help me on this??

                  many thanks,



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