Ask help from experts of Oracle Forms 4.5

Ask help from experts of Oracle Forms 4.5

Post by Lixin Ya » Tue, 23 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi, Experts of Oracle Forms 4.5:

I am using forms applications on PC with personnel
oracle. My application contains a lot of queries
and inserts and updates. There seems always a limit
where operations failed after certain number of
operations. I get things a little better by

set_forms_property(my_app, cursor_mode,
and options: optimizeSQL=NO, optimizeTP=NO

but I can't eliminate the limit completely. I need
suggests or hints from Form or PL/SQL experts.

Thank you very much.

Lixin Yan
(313)936-1931 (office)
(313)973-3229 (home)


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I try to upgrade my module from forms 4.5 (CDE2) to forms 4.5
(Developer/2000). They're a lots of problem.

In my old version my background color of canvas would be gray30. In
developer/2000 gray30 doesn't exist. Only gray32. Why ??? It's very unpleasant
to scan my module and change all background color.

Another problem ... Some triggers disappear when I generate module with
developer/2000. Ex: when-validate-item are there after the generate but
codes missing.

Why it's not possible to copy the relation between two modules ???

Thanks for your help.
Nicolas Rancourt

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