image enhancement and ORACLE 7.0

image enhancement and ORACLE 7.0

Post by Hossein Lari-Naja » Wed, 19 May 1993 00:46:36

I have got a configuration that consists of a DG AViion RAID 5 box running
SVR4. This box has got ORACLE 7.0 that stores images (people faces) as BLOBS
, as well as textual data about people.  ORACLE FORMS 4.0 handles images.
does any one know of commercial software that one can incorporate into this
ORACLE application, so that image enhancement can be done.  This software would
have built-in utilities to enable a user (not a programmer) do enhancement.
(by enhancement, I guess I mean, making images sharper).  

If you know of such a software, (or for that matter, you know that there is
no such software) could you please send me an e-mail at the following address.

Any help in this regard is greately appreciated.



1. image enhancement and ORACLE 7.0

I would appreciate it if people with these kinds of RAID 5 configurations
could forward me any benchmark results (informal or formal) so that we can
provide them in our customer material.          

Thanks, John

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