HELP Pro-Cobol/OS2/SQL*Net V1 TCP/IP

HELP Pro-Cobol/OS2/SQL*Net V1 TCP/IP

Post by RM Fisch » Fri, 19 May 1995 04:00:00

Attempting to add some remote ORACLE DB calls to an existing application.

Application is built using a menu structure.  We are finding that
everything works fine for a while, but we eventually get a SYS3175 from OS2
in the COBLIB DLL.

It appears that programs which contain ORACLE accesses are not being
released from memory after exit.  We think this may be the cause of the
exception but are not sure.  We are using the CANCEL function from MF-COBOL
which is supposed to release programs from memory...however it looks like
we cannot release the ORACLE files.

We are using:
OS/2 2.1
MF-COBOL V3.0.54
Pro-Cobol V 1.3
SQL*Net V 1 for TCP/IP

If anyone has experienced this or is familiar with this combination of
products, I would appreciate your insight.


1. SQL*Net TCP/IP for Windows: Which TCP/IP stack would you recommend


We are thinking of installing SQL*Net for Windows to allow us to run
client/server stuff against our Oracle7 database running on a SUN
SPARCserver 1000 running Solaris 2.2.  Since our networked PCs are
netware based and are running over ODI drivers, we would obviously
prefer a TCP/IP stack that can run over ODI.  I'm rather partial to
Novell's LAN Workplace/Workgroup, but I'm open to suggestions (However
I would want to avoid anything that runs over NDIS or needs a NDIS
shim). Does Netmanage Chameleon TCP run over ODI?

I have never seen SQL*Net working so I'm very blur about this (except
that we DO need this), so: I hear V2 is out but I also hear it's also
a bit on the buggy side.  Should we go for V2 or stick to V1.1?  What
are the pros and cons?  Sorry about the stupid questions, but I have
to ask.


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