Altova Inc., Announces DocBook Support and Web Services Interoperability Enhancements in XML Spy 4.4 Suite

Altova Inc., Announces DocBook Support and Web Services Interoperability Enhancements in XML Spy 4.4 Suite

Post by Larry K » Sun, 02 Jun 2002 03:05:00

Altova Inc., Announces DocBook Support and Web Services
Interoperability Enhancements in XML Spy 4.4 Suite

Beverly, MA, May 29, 2002 - Altova, Inc. ( today
announced the release of the XML Spy 4.4 Suite, a comprehensive
product-line of developer tools for advanced XML application
development, consisting of the XML Spy 4.4 Integrated Development
Environment (IDE), the XML Spy 4.4 XSLT Designer, and the XML Spy 4.4
Document Editor. XML Spy 4.4 Suite is available immediately as a free
upgrade to current XML Spy 4.x Suite customers.

The following is a detailed summary of several key new features in XML
Spy 4.4 Suite:

 - DocBook Editing Support - The XML Spy 4.4 XSLT Designer and XML Spy
4.4 Document Editor now include full support for CALS & HTML tables,
in addition to semantic tables. CALS tables are a widely adopted
syntax for SGML-based representation of complex tables allowing a
publisher to visually express complex data representations.  CALS &
HTML tables support enable the XML Spy 4.4 Document Editor to support
DocBook editing.  DocBook is a widely adopted XML content model for
describing books, articles, and other prose documents such as
technical documentation.
- In co-operation with open industry consortiums such as the Web
Services Interoperability Organization, the XML Spy 4.4 Suite includes
enhanced web services standards conformance in the SOAP client &
- The XML Spy 4.4 IDE and the XML Spy 4.4 Document editor now offer a
built-in multi-language spell-checker with support for English
(British, US, Canadian), German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French,
Dutch, Swedish, and other languages.  In addition, separate English
language medical and legal dictionaries are included.

XML Spy 4.4 Pricing and Availability

The XML Spy 4.4 Suite is available immediately for download and
purchase from the XML Spy Online Shop,  All
current XML Spy 4.x Suite customers are eligible to receive the new
XML Spy 4.4 Suite as a free upgrade for their respective orders.  See
website for complete price-list including, multi-user or

Live demonstrations of XML Spy 4.4 Suite will held at the following
industry tradeshows:
- VSLive!, #100, NYC, June 16-19,
- Web Services Edge, #520, NYC, June 24-27,
- OracleWorld EU, Copenhagen, June 24-27,
- TechEd EU, #J11, Barcelona, July 1-5,

About Altova

Altova is a leading provider of XML software solutions with offices in
Beverly, MA and headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The privately held
company was founded in 1992 and has been actively involved in the XML
market from the early conception of Extensible Markup Language.
Altova's XML Spy is the leading choice of Fortune 500 and Global 1000
companies. Altova's XML Spy product line is the best-selling XML tools
suite and has won the leading industry awards. Altova is a member of
the W3C and the Web Services Interoperability Organization.

Altova, XML Spy, and AXAD are trademarks of Altova GmbH registered in
numerous countries.  The names of and reference to companies and
products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective

For more information, press only:
Larry Kim, Marketing Director

For more information, sales only:


1. ANNOUNCE: XML Spy 4.2 Suite now available - adds XML Schema extensions for Oracle 9i Project XDB native XML support

Fellow Oracle developers and DBAs:

We are pleased to announce the final release of the new XML Spy 4.2 Suite!
Download a FREE evaluation copy today!

The XML Spy 4.2 Suite is a complete out-of-the-box solution for all phases
of Advanced XML Application Development, supporting the entire corporate XML
workflow, beginning with visual data-modeling, through to XML authoring and
editing, storing XML content to a database, and content delivery through XML
transformation!  XML Spy 4.2 Suite consists of three products: XML Spy 4.2
Document Editor, XML Spy 4.2 XSLT Designer, and XML Spy 4.2 Integrated
Development Environment.

The XML Spy 4.2 Suite adds new advanced functionality, specifically:

+ Oracle XML Schema Extensions - The XML Spy 4.2 Integrated Development
  Environment (IDE) adds authoring support for Oracle XML Schema
  Extensions used in Oracle Project XDB, the native XML support in a
  future Oracle 9i database release. For more information on Project
  XDB, which was first mentioned at Oracle Open World in San Francisco
  last Tuesday, please visit:

+ Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Support - XML Spy 4.2 Suite can
  help test and develop your Web Services!  XML Spy Suite can inspect a
  Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file and automatically
  generate a SOAP client interface to send and receive SOAP messages.
  For real-world Web Services examples to try out this new feature,
  please visit:

+ MSXML4 Support - XML Spy 4.2 IDE supports Microsoft's XML parser
  version 4.0 (MSXML4) for XSLT Transformations (Alternatively, other
  XSLT processors are supported including MSXML3, Xerces, Saxon, etc.)

+ XSLT Designer Editing Enhancements - XML Spy 4.2 XSLT Designer adds
  numerous enhanced editing capabilities including ability to apply
  style changes to multiple selected elements, extended toolbars, and
  improved support for configuring page settings; all resulting in
  greater usability.

+ Extended Document Editor API's - XML Spy 4.2 Document Editor & Browser
  Plug-in, have new API's for programmatic modification of XML content.

+ Updated Help - XML Spy 4.2 Suite has updated help files across all

+ Many more usability & performance enhancements!

The XML Spy 4.2 Suite is the most comprehensive tool Suite for Advanced XML
Application Development (AXAD)!  In a recent article on XML Schema
Development, Peter Thiruselvam, editor for DevNewz, the leading Internet
portal and newsletter for Web Development Professionals, said that XML Spy
Suite is "The best software for creating XML documents, XML schemas, XSLT
documents and DTD's". For complete review, please visit:

Download a FREE evaluation copy TODAY!!

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