Unable to End Hot Backup

Unable to End Hot Backup

Post by Gary Schyv » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00

nms-5004: Unable to End Hot Backup

Has anyone seen this error before?  I don't see any information in the
online docs that is truly helpful.

We have two instances (Test and Prod) running on Oracle 7.3.3 Workgroup
Server.  One of them (Test) completes the hot backup just fine, but the
other (Prod) bombs every time it tries to end the hot backup of the
tablespace that hold our indexes.  When I look at the actual backup copies
of the datafiles, the file that holds our indexes looks like it backed up
fine, but then the entire backup job doesn't complete - there's still one
more datafile to be backed up for that instance.  It appears that the first
7 tablespaces backup ok.  Then the 8th one (the one with our indexes) fails.
Then the 9th (last) one doesn't even start backing up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


1. how hot is a hot backup?

Concerning Replication and Hot Backups.

We'll be doing replication with one of the goals
being hot backups (ie: redundancy).  When one
machine falls apart, what exactly is necessary to
switch the world to the other one?  Can this be
done transparently?  Better yet - are there some
white papers floating around?

Please tell me this can be done transparently...

Thanks in advance,

Chris Kasten

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