XSym03 - Accepted Papers and Call for Participation

XSym03 - Accepted Papers and Call for Participation

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The first XML Database Symposium, XSym03, takes place in Berlin, on
Monday, September 8, the day before VLDB2003 starts. We received 65
submissions from which the program committee accepted the 18 papers below
for presentation.

Registraton to XSym03 is now open. Please use the VLDB registration system
under http://www.vldb.informatik.hu-berlin.de/ to register for XSym03. The
fee for the symposium is 150 Euro and includes the LNCS proceedings and
attendance to all sessions and breaks.

Accepted Papers:

An XML Repository Manager for Software Maintenance and Adaptation.
E. Isnard, R. Bercaru, A. Galatescu, V. Florian, L. Costea, D. Conescu

Tree Signatures for XML Querying and Navigation.
P. Zezula, G. Amato, F. Debole, F. Rabitti

Finding ID Attributes in XML Documents.
D. Barbosa, A. Mendelzon

Searching for Efficient XML-to-Relational Configurations.
M. Ramanath, J. Freire, J. Haritsa, P. Roy

Three Cases for Query Decorrelation in XQuery.
N. May, S. Helmer, G. Moerkotte

Representing Changes in XML Documents using Dimensions.
M. Gergatsoulis, Y. Stavrakas

XML-SQL Query Translation Literature: The State of the Art and Open
R. Krishnamurthy, R. Kaushik, J. Naughton

Cursor Management for XML Data.
N. Li, J. Hui, H. Hsiao, P. Tijare

The Collection Index to Support Complex Approximate Queries on XML
P. Ciaccia, W. Penzo

A Redundancy Free 4NF for XML.
M. Vincent, J. Liu

A Virtual XML Database Engine for Relational Databases.
C. Liu, M. Vincent, J. Liu, M. Guo

XML Stream Processing Quality.
W. Lehner, S. Schmidt, R. Gemulla

XViz: A Tool for Visualizing XPath Expressions.
B. Handy, D. Suciu

PowerDB-XML: a Platform for Data-Centric and Document-Centric XML
T. Grabs, H.-J. Schek

Updating XQuery Views Published over Relational Data: A Roundtrip Case
L. Wang, M. Mulchandani, E. Rundensteiner

Repairs and Consistent Answers for XML Data with Functional Dependencies.
S Flesca, F Furfaro, S Greco, E Zumpano

Supporting XML Security Models using Relational Databases: A Vision.
D. Lee, W.-C. Lee, P. Liu

A DTD Graph Based XPath Query Subsumption Test.
S. B?ttcher, R. Steinmetz

XSym03 web page: http://www.lirmm.fr/~bella/XSym/

VLDB home page: http://www.vldb.informatik.hu-berlin.de/


1. VLDB-EEXTT Call for Participation and Program

Call For Participation

Monday 19 August 2002 (one day before VLDB).

1st VLDB Workshop on Efficiency and Effectiveness of XML Tools and
Techniques (EEXTT 2002).

In Conjunction with VLDB 2002, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong, China.

Online registration and registration forms are available from the VLDB
website at:


08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-10:30 Session: Languages

"A Proposal for an XML Data Definition and Manipulation Language"
D. Obasanjo and S.B. Navathe

"Relevance Ranking Tuning for Similarity Queries on XML Data"
P. Caccia and W. Penzo

"A New Path Expression Computing Approach for XML Data"
J. Lv, G. Wang, J.X. Yu, G. Yu, H. Lu and B. Sun

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Session: Modeling and Integration

"Integrated XML Document Management"
H.-I. Hsiao, J. Hui, N. Li and P. Tijare

"Integration of XML Data"
D. de Brum Saccol and C.A. Heuser

"XML to Relational Conversion using Theory of Regular Tree Grammars"
M. Mani and D. Lee

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-15:00 Session: Storage

"Adaptive XML Shredding: Architecture, Implementation, and Challenges"
J. Freire and J. Simeon

"An Adaptable and Adjustable Mapping from XML Data to Tables in RDB"
W. Xiao-ling, L. Jin-feng and D. Yi-sheng

"Efficient Structure Oriented Storage of XML Documents using ORDBMS"
A. Kuckelberg and R. Krieger

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-17:30 Special Invited Session on Benchmarking XML

"Assessing XML Data Management with XMark"
A. Schmidt, F. Waas, M. Kersten, M.J. Carey, I. Manolescu and R. Busse

"The XOO7 Benchmark"
Y. Li, S. Bressan, Z. Lacroix, M.L. Lee and U. Nambiar

"XMach-1: A Multi-User Benchmark for XML Data Management"
E. Rahm and T. Boehme

"The Michigan Benchmark: A Micro-Benchmark for XML Query Processing
K. Runapongsa, J.M. Patel, H.V. Jagadish and S. Al-Khalifa

(Title not yet communicated)
T. Oszu

The latest information is available at the workshop website:

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