standard 'msaccess -> asp' export doesn't give results.... ??...

standard 'msaccess -> asp' export doesn't give results.... ??...

Post by Arjan van Kempe » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:00:00


I tried to make a working asp solution beginning from the export/ save
as html option from ms-access..
but it didn't work... (made an odbc driver for ms-access, on NT4, and
IIS up and running..)

I got my (asp) forms with one row of empty fields, instead of ten
records... This is when I 'run' it from c:\try\file.asp

If I 'run' it from http:\\localhost\try\file.asp I get the message that
the ODBC connection can't be found

Does anyone have any idea? I thought I was doing it by the book...

thanks a lot,


(btw I  also want to do something like this using sql-server)


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