Dynamically validating XML against XSD

Dynamically validating XML against XSD

Post by Fabien » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 00:40:26

Hello all,

I have a C++ application receiving XML messages.
I want to check their format against their xsd specification.

How can I do this with libxml2 ?



1. MSXML4b3: doesn't validate the dynamically created nodes against schema

Dear All!

has anyone noticed that MSXML doesn't seem to validate the nodes added to a
document tree by using DOCUMENT::createNode / NODE::appendChild against
schemas stored in a cache attached to a document via DOCUMENT::schemas?
    One more consequence of this problem: neither ELEMENT::definition nor
SCHEMAS::getDeclaration( element ) don't work for the elements created via
DOM methods, whereas they both work for the elements obtained via load or

    Has anyone experienced the same? Can anyone please tell me if I'm doing
something wrong or if it's a confirmed bug.

Warmest regards, Gleb Holodov

Software Developer
ThinkWave Inc.

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