SAXResult with XMLFilter chain

SAXResult with XMLFilter chain

Post by Knut Kupisc » Mon, 08 Apr 2002 07:49:43

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to transform an XML document via XSLT where the result of the
tranformation gets postprocessed by an XMLFilter. I am using the dom4j
and JAXP APIs. I do this by pushing the result of the transformation
into a SAXResult that gets instantiated with the filter as argument. The
actual filter is an object of class XMLWriter that writes its output
into a StringWriter.
My problem: everything works fine when I use one XMLWriter to filter the
SAX events. But I would like to chain filters to provide further
processing of the transformation result. I tried to do this by calling
the #setParent method with no success. I tried some other variations
with no luck. No more than the filter is called that is passed
in the SAXResult constructor.

Any ideas?

- Knut

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I am having a major Hard drive problem. I am using a motorola 8260
(PPC603core) and the following problem was seen when chkdsk is run on
the hard drive.

"/main/Ai" has illegal start cluster
"/main/Ai" file larger than its chain of clusters Entry will be

"/main - lost chains" cross-linked with another chain
"/main - lost chains" cross-linked with another chain
"/main - lost chains" cross-linked with another chain

this last message repeats over and over. If the system is rebooted and
chkdsk is run again, the "/main - lost chains" cross-linked with
another chain message is all that is displayed and continues to
displayed over and over (for the last 15 hours).

As far as I can tell (after checking extensively) there never was a
file named Ai on the /main partition and no one had any files open in
write mode on the /main partition.

I need to know how this corruption can occur. I do know what the error
means, but this corruption should not occur if there were no files
open when the power was recycled or the machine was reset. It almost
appears as if every cluster on the /main partition is corrupted, the
FAT is definited screwed.

Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem. KNown causes?? Has
anyone seen this problem before????

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance.


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