a href: ' '->'%20'

a href: ' '->'%20'

Post by timo kauppine » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 18:37:29

(xhtml->html conversion)

I tried to replace spaces in href-attribute to "%20"'s but
this wasn't as easy task I hoped (for newbies). Maybe
someone of you have a code for that.. thanks in advance.


1. Doc for 'href=' and 'id=' clauses?

Hello all,

i have to write a XML parser. It have also to handle the 'href=' and 'id='
attributes. Now i searched for the specs of this XML attributes (nothing to
do with HTML), but i can't find anything on w3c.org.

Where could i find some information how to handle this attributes pair?

e.g.should the attributes of the both tags wich are connected by 'id' and
'href' be merged? Or does 'href' just define a link to the >data< of the tag
wich has the corresponding 'id' attribut?

Thanks in advance,

Karsten Graul.

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