Post by Russ Holme » Fri, 25 Aug 2000 20:32:29

I've just set up InterDev for debugging, now when I write out my XML to the
browser, I get;


writen out at the top, meaning my xml is no longer recognised and spits an
"Invalis declaration" error,

can I debug and use xml?




1. Problem with XML and METADATA TYPE="ASP_DEBUG_INFO" (Guru wanted)

I am debugging my XML-generating ASP 2 app and getting client-side XML
parser errors due to the <!--METADATA TYPE="ASP_DEBUG_INFO"--> comment tag
that is added to the very top of all ASP output during the debug process.

This has been mentioned a few times in these groups, but no-one's come up
with a solution other than turn debugging off. Which is not a solution (well
its fine for deployment, but I really _would_ like to debug ;)

Strangely ('cause I thought you _always_ got this tag when debugging) my
co-workers on the same project using WinNT clients (i'm on W2K) don't have a
problem (either in local or remote debug mode - I can only test in local
mode as you can't debug W2K client to IIS 4 apparently).

So there's a setting somewhere that lets you debug _and_ not get these
METADATA tags. What it is?

Piers, Zinc

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