Feedback invited

Feedback invited

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Any comments/feedback  is invited.

COLAG is an XML based object oriented framework for writing software with
the unique feature that behavior of an instance in COLAG can be dynamically
'assembled' at the time of its creation and is thus specific to the
instance. It also allows behavior of instances to change at runtime in ways
not coded in the running program by dynamically interacting with the
interpreter using XML based messages. In other words, new methods can be
added to specific instances and/or logic of existing methods changed for
individual instances, resulting in dynamic change in behavior of the entire
program. Put differently, in COLAG, a class defines the 'initial' behavior
of instances of that type. At runtime, the behavior of instances of same
type can evolve as a result of method addition/deletion in different ways in
response to changes in their environment. For more information, please visit

Rahul Jain


1. Win2k, MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 (USB), feedback and centering do not

Win2k, MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 (USB), feedback and centering do not
work. That's the problem.

First the joystick did not work at all. The installation program had not
found out that my AMD-processor-equipped computer has VIA USB ports.

So I had to go to MS site and download and install the VIA USB patch. Then
some of the joystick's functions started to work, but not the Force
feedback, and worst of all, not the mechanical centering of the handle, so
flying (for instance Warbirds III) is practically impossible. (The settings
have these both "on", and the joystick has USB ID# 1.)

Another similar joystick, known to work properly in another operating
system, has been tested in this same machine, with similar results: no
feedback, no centering.

During booting of the machine, there can be some resistance felt in the
stick for just a short moment, but when the booting process is over, there
is no feedback or centering in the stick.

My "pointing device" is an MS "Intellimouse Optical" USB / PS/2 mouse,
connected with a PS/2 adapter to a PS/2 port, and it seems to work
flawlessly. Could this interfere with the foystick?

I am not so worried about the "vibration" function of the joystick, but the
centering is essential.

The text on the box cover claimed that the joystick would work in
a Win2K Pro machine. Was this an outright lie?

Ola Pedersen

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