Extended Open eBook Specification Mailing List (OEB-Extended)

Extended Open eBook Specification Mailing List (OEB-Extended)

Post by Jon Nori » Wed, 08 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Periodic announcement:  Mailing list for discussing Extended OEB

(Important Disclaimer:  This mailing list is not sanctioned nor approved
by the OEB Organization.  It is an independent forum to help the e-book
publishing community to understand and utilize Extended OEB.)


1) What is OEB?
2) What is extended OEB?
3) Why is it of interest?
4) What can be discussed?
5) Who should subscribe?

-->  6) How do I subscribe to OEB-Extended?


1) OEB is the Open eBook Publication Structure, an XML-conforming
   specification to format e-book publications.  General information on
   OEB can be found at http://www.openebook.org/ .

2) The following definition of "extended OEB" comes from version 1.0 of the
   OEB Publication Structure specification:

   "Use of extended OEB documents is the recommended mechanism for adding
   information and structure beyond that provided by the HTML subset defined
   in this specification, for example, to associate further semantics with
   content.  Arbitrary non-OEB elements may be added as long as such elements
   are provided with style definitions in accompanying stylesheets."

3) Extended OEB allows for enrichening semantic meaning to OEB publications;
   in turn, this richer structure can be used for improved typographical
   presentation in capable display software and devices, and for improving
   the efficiency of the publishing process.

4) There are many allowable topics on OEB-Extended.  A *partial* list

   a) Adding elements to OEB's basic HTML4.0-derived DTD,

   b) Using a wholly new book publishing DTD such as TEI, DocBook, ISO 12083
      or whatever,

   c) Technical typography (e.g., mathematical and chemical) as it relates
      to extensibility requirements,

   d) Limitation of the current OEB CSS stylesheet constructs as it relates
      to extensibility;  use of XSL instead of CSS;  and

   e) *Informal* discussion whether the next version of OEB should specify
      a semantically-based DTD for e-book publishing.

   What will NOT be talked about is basic-OEB except as it relates to
   extended OEB.

5) Obviously, anybody interested in extended OEB should subscribe.  This
   list will be quite technical, and those who do not have some knowledge
   of XML and related specifications will probably find it to be of little


6) To subscribe to OEB-Extended, do either a) or b):

   b) Join at http://www.topica.com/lists/oeb-extended/


I look forward to seeing you on OEB-Extended.

Jon Noring
OEB-Extended List Administrator

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