prob w/ VB6 "implements IXMLDOMNode" and dataType property

prob w/ VB6 "implements IXMLDOMNode" and dataType property

Post by John Bennet » Wed, 18 Aug 1999 04:00:00

In a VB6 class, I am trying to inherit from the IXMLDOMNode interface.  I've
put "Implements IXMLDOMNode" at the top of the class file, and then used the
pop-up menus to create shells for all the inherited methods and properties.
The code VB6 creates for the dataType property is:

Private Property Let IXMLDOMNode_dataType(ByVal RHS As String)
End Property

Private Property Get IXMLDOMNode_dataType() As Variant
End Property

That code won't compile since the Let type is String and the Get type is
Variant ("Definitions...for the same property are inconsistent" error).
However, I can't change either of them or I also get a complier error
("Procedure declaration does not match...").  In the Object browser, the
dataType property is a Variant, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change
String to Variant without getting the "does not match" error.

Has anyone done this successfully?  How do I work around the problem? TIA.