XML encoding type for RTF data (ANSI encoding)

XML encoding type for RTF data (ANSI encoding)

Post by Anilkuma » Thu, 17 Aug 2000 00:59:40

Dear all,

     We are doing an application which involves RTF data being transferred
to and from XML.That is i export the RTF data as  XML dom elements text and
viceversa. When we are reading back the DomElements text, NEWLINE [ chr(13)
+ chr(10) ] charecter in RTF are getting converted to UTF-8  Newline
 chr(10) ]. coz of this RTF is not interpretted properly.

When we paste a Image in RTF and export to XML, we cannot get back the
formated RTF as RTF control does not recognise other than ANSI encoding. As
a temporary solution we are finding the newline charcter[ chr(10) ]  to
replacing with ANSI newline [ chr(13) + chr(10)]. But if you could suggest a
way to incorporate ANSI encoding it could solve it easily.

Please respond back

         Anil Kumar and Raja Ramesh