Please help, I'm confused

Please help, I'm confused

Post by William Doma » Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Could somebody please clarify some things for me?

We use IE5 and Sql Server 7  =)

Currently on our intranet, we have many reports that are asp pages
calling a stored procedure and returning the result set in whatever
format the report requires.

Lately we've had a great demand for viewing the same report in slightly
different views,
and I though well its time to learn about XML and Data Binding. (at
least I think this is what I want)  After days of surfing and reading
I've managed to confuse myself and know I'm not sure what I'm looking

Data Binding

Is data binding like Remote Scripting??  If I wanted to view some data
from a server little by little without leaving the pages, is data
binding what I'm looking for?  Most of the samples I've seen goes well
in depth over the following.
       DATAFORMATA=" "
But what about the back end, is this data derived from linking directly
to a table or a stored procedure?

I'm would like to get into XML, but again I'm confused, I don't want to
manually construct a XML tree (unless I have to) from the data returned
from the proc.  Does
the XML Applet do this for me?  How would a data Island work???  The
record sets
could be from a couple hundred to thousands of rows.  Is this ideal??

From MS
XML Data Source
Extensible Markup Language (XML) describes data and structured text on
the Web in a standard way. Internet Explorer 4.0 shipped with a Java
applet that serves as an XML data provider. While the XML DSO is a
read-only data provider, Web authors should consider using it to display
hierarchical data.

To use the XML data source object, add an APPLET element to your page,
as in the following:

    <PARAM NAME="URL" VALUE="composer.xml">

Since the DSO is implemented in Java, embedding it on the page requires
the use of the APPLET element. The CODE attribute specifies the package
in which the code is implemented. The URL property specifies the
location of the data. The XML DSO retrieves the XML from this location,
parses it, and provides the data to bound elements on the page. The
data-consuming elements are isolated from the details of XML.

Does this mean the result set has to be in XML format??? Does it have to
be a URL??? That would be impossible, is there a work around??

As you can see I'm turned inside out, can somebody please point me in
the right direction
And clarify some of this stuff for me??

Thank you



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urgent for me.

I am facing problem while creating the following xml file.
<lom xmlns=""

In my xml file in the general tag I have extra xmlns=""
 My file looks like this
<lom xmlns=""
        <general xmlns="">
 I am using VB to create this xml file.

  Set vXMLdoc = New DOMDocument40
  vXMLdoc.async = False

  Set vLom = vXMLdoc.createElement("lom")  vLom.setAttribute "xmlns",
"" & vbLf
vLom.setAttribute "xmlns:xsi",
"" & vbLf

Set vGeneral = vXMLdoc.createElement("general")
vRoot.appendChild vGeneral


Thanks in advance

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