Text node or no Text node

Text node or no Text node

Post by Norrman Pe » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 02:49:03


I have read the XML spec, but cannot find anything
substantial on the following problem. Given this dtd

  <!ELEMENT test (attribute)*>
  <!ELEMENT attribute (value)>
  <!ATTLIST attribute name CDATA #REQUIRED>
  <!ELEMENT value (#PCDATA)>

and this XML

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <!DOCTYPE test SYSTEM "test.dtd" >
    <attribute name="Temperatue">
    <attribute name="Humidity">

what should a validating DOM parser produce for the second value
Should the value element contain a Text node with an empty string or
Is the spec open on this point?

I think there should be an "empty" Text node. Xerces does not.

What's your opinion?

   Per Norrman


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I want to make XSLT script(?) that changes text node to another text.
More specifically, I want to add escape sequence as in C string.

For example,
        <msg>You can type "Hi!\nHow are you" to make greetings</msg>
should be changed to
        "You can type \"Hi!\\nnHow are you\" to make greetings"

Is it possible for XSLT to convert such a way? I found that there is
'translate' function in Xpath. But that could not work since 'translate'
just translates a character to character. And I found 'substring-before'
and 'substring-after' function. But I cannot make script to change
such a way.

Thanks in advance.



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