xml schema os rss 0.9 needed

xml schema os rss 0.9 needed

Post by shobh » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 23:44:29


I need the XML schema for RSS 0.9x. (i.e the .xsd file)
can someone please give me the appropriate link



1. Announce: ElCel Technology's Canonical XML Processor 0.9

London, 23 April 2001.

ElCel Technology are pleased to announce the public release of their
Canonical XML Processor.  This command-line program is being made available
free-of-charge from the ElCel Technology web site.  It is available in
binary form for Windows and Linux-Intel platforms.

Written in ISO-standard C++ using ElCel Technology's C++ XML Toolkit, this
program implements the canonicalization algorithm as described by the W3C's
Canonical XML 1.0 Recommendation.

Canonicalization has a number of uses outside of the generation of digital
- converting XML requiring a DTD into a standalone document
- testing XML processor conformance
- pre-processing complex XML before feeding the output to tools that cannot
cope with the full XML 1.0 syntax

Full details can be obtained from the ElCel Technology web site.  Please
feel free to download and use it in your projects.

Kind Regards
Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology Limited

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