Curious Networks Launches Developer's Workshop

Curious Networks Launches Developer's Workshop

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Curious Networks has launched Workshop, an open development environment
for creating multi-channel applications. With Workshop developers can
learn MAXML, a language created specifically for applications that run
across a wide range of Internet devices. Write an application once
using MAXML and deploy it to voice portals, the Web and WAP phones.
Sign up and start building your own applications at

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1. Announcement: Developers Network (contract/developer site)


Today we have released the first edition of a website going under the name
of "Developers Network" and the URL is It
currently provide two services. The first one is developer service and is a
listing of consultants that can be used for projects. They can either be
independent contractors or be part of a company. The second service is a
contract list. Here you provide information on what you want accomplished,
deadline and anything else that you find important.

We see this as the beginning of a tool that help developers around the world
to get contracts and co-operate on various commercial projects. Feel free to


Regards, Fredrik Larsson, Larsson Consulting.
Larsson Consulting, <>

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